Second hospital stay..

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The first week of July, we were headed back to the hospital - this time through the ER again.

It was a Wednesday night.. Isaiah continued to drop weight the entire month of June and his albumin was way below where it should have been. His electrolytes were off and our ped was very concerned about his blood protein and overall protein in his body.

We saw him at his office the day before and he said we needed to get protein in him however we could.
He had been eating a few first foods at that point and we were trying to build the protein through veggies.. just was not working. 

In discussion with our ped, we bought some grass-fed meat and made a light puree mixed with water.. his system was just too far downhill to even think about handling that..

 the vomiting and diarrhea began.. 

Within 2 hours it was uncontrollable and we were desperately packing bags, trying to head out the door as quickly as possible because we figured this ER trip would end up in another extended hospital stay...

He was severely dehydrated and weak.. could not even open his eyes. He had not cried actual tears that whole day and had stopped urinating.

We sat in the ER for what seemed like forever. 

We finally got into a room on the children's floor at 2am that night.

 Then came the needle sticks, blood draws, lack of finding veins and IV back in his sweet little head. 

Our ped made sure that no allergists, dermatologists or the GI doc came to see us.. Thank God for that.. I had to repent for my thoughts and feelings about them. Because of them, I stopped nursing my son, my milk dried up and now he was on a nasty, (expensive!) formula.. their cure-all of steriods and Neocate ended up not helping anything.. They probably think that Isaiah was healed because I had canceled all appointments with them after his first hospital stay, the awful rebound and then finding out about

The albumin bags started as well as the vitamin bags..

We had a greater peace this go round.. 

Some of the great nurses we had the first stay, came to see us and helped comfort us since we were back in a room again on the floor.

I focused on the Lord and my husband and I were content knowing that our steps are ordered and we were right where we were supposed to be for the health of Isaiah.

.. of course we wanted miraculous, instantaneous healing but we just stayed focused on God, knowing that His plan for our lives is perfect..

We continued to speak life over our son and press deeper into healing..

Most of the awful symptoms were still there.. the ooze, redness, flaking, flares, crusting, and crazy body temp but we were over a month into full withdrawal and there was no going back.

Independence Day came the next day and I read from a friend on FB how she spent some time with the Lord and decided she needed a Dependance Day -- dependent fully on Him.. 
How I so much agreed.. 

a Dependance LIFE..

We never want to go through any storm 
without the Lord in our boat..

My daughter left to make a trip home with my husband to swap out some clothes and pick up some dinner.. 

she told me how she saw fireworks outside the truck windows and she wished I could have seen them with her.

I promised her that next July 4th, we would not be in a hospital.

 When we left the hospital, I held Isaiah all the way home.. 
his health was still poor but his blood protein had improved enough to where we, as well as our ped, were comfortable with us going home. We would be back at his office in 2 or 3 days anyway for our weekly checkups.

This was him in my arms on the way home..

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