2014 is our year of total health and happiness!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

 Been a while since we updated..
A lot to catch up on! 
A lot has changed too in our daily lives and our routine..
On February 22 we will be NINE months steroid free!
Praise the Lord!

 This was Isaiah in December 
-- another skin infection --
.. we had been fighting this one since mid Nov..
Bleach baths :( !!!, epson salt, dead sea salt, bactroban 
antiobiotic ointment, neosporin, etc..

You name it, we tried it, and nothing was helping..
the infection bumps continued to spread.

He was super itchy and miserable and I didn't get a lot of pics during that time..

Here you can see them on his face although they were all over his stomach and back too.

 On Dec 13th, we called his ped and got an 
oral antibiotic: Erythromycin

It was a 10 day round and by the end of it, his skin looked the best it had since we started this whole process, 7 months before.
 He had a wonderful Christmas with fantastic skin! 
Was not even itchy! It was amazing!
Such a blessing!
When these pictures were taken, he was on day 7 and 8 of the 10 day oral antibiotic:

We ended up able to go see family on Christmas too!
First time we had been able to leave the house in months.
We finished the antibiotic and all but 2 tiny bumps on his back cleared and they were only the size of a pin head. TINY!

I was relieved but kept a close eye on them.

For a few weeks, they stayed the same and he was doing really well.

Then in early January, the 2 bumps turned into 200+..

They began over the next few weeks to clump together and started forming lesions..
They were everywhere..

face, back of head, tummy, back, arms and were starting down his little legs..

 He was prescribed another round of 10 day 
Erythromycin on Jan 13, 2014 but this time, 
it did not phase it.. 

The infection continued to spread rapidly and it was horrible..
He was so itchy and unhappy..

 I was at a loss..
My husband and I prayed and 
Isaiah and I cried a lot of the days away..
It was so depressing after having such clear skin at 
the end of December..

We were beyond ready for this journey to be over.

I thought we were going to end up sleeping in the recliner again because he itched like crazy and could hardly rest.. 
when he doesn't sleep, I don't either.. 
Since we have been in the bed and out of the recliner I have had to sleep with his hands in mine every night.

Many people do not know this but my husband and I fasted the entire month of January as the 
Lord led us to. 
Our daughter even decided to give up TV and video games as her act of sacrifice.
(It was NICE not having tv for an entire month!!!)
We had worship music on day and night..

There are seasons where we feel led to do so, and wanted to give the entire first month of the year to our Lord, 
dedicated in fasting and prayer.
It was hard! For all of us and especially when the enemy was trying his best to attack Isaiah's body again.

We pressed..
We prayed..
We worshiped..

Towards the end of January, the Lord led me on a wisdom journey..
 I was mind blown and knew the Lord was giving us our answer for Isaiah and the infection dilemma.

We started soaking Isaiah in Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar in his baby bath wrapped in towels - started off with 1 cup and now soak easily in 2 cups..
- we also add 3/4 cup of Dead Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan and he takes 1 to 2 baths daily..
I started making the balms with organic ingredients and we coat him in them and dry wrap him in gauze after every bath..

I have now also made the balms for many others in topical steroid withdrawal and for friends and family.

They work so well! :) Praise God!

We have received some awesome testimonials and before and after pics and this has now birthed balms of all sorts and a wonderful ministry for our family.. Beauty for ashes!

I use a mix of 3 of our balms on Isaiah now daily
- our Melissa, Lemongrass and Zinc balms -
and he is the most comfy after a bath, balm and wraps!

They have been nothing short of a miracle on Isaiah's body!

God is the Great Physician!! 
and when we ask for wisdom, He gives it liberally..

By request of so many, we have reopened our old Etsy shop as we have been sharing the balms through our facebook page.

 The combo of acv and the balms have worked wonders on the infection bumps as you can see below.. 
(my date stamp was wrong on the pics below! it says 2013, but it was 2014 :)


Thanks for your continued prayers for our family..
We love and appreciate them all!

Pressing into Christ and our health and wholeness in Him..

2014 is our year of total health and happiness!

Psalm 30:5
 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

 Revelation 22:2
The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

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